Information for Parents

Email Communications

Each Thursday prior to the week that your child is registered for, you will receive a welcome email! This email will include the name of the counsellor responsible for your child’s group, a reminder of the password that you will use for sign-out, and the Supercamp information kit.

The Supercamp information kit includes all the necessary guidelines and procedures that you will need to ensure an excellent experience at the camp! These include scheduling, procedure for our extended supervision hours service, what your child needs to bring to camp, procedures for allergies and other medical conditions, etc. The information kit is also available for download here.

General information about the camp and our promotions will also be posted on our Facebook page. Like, follow and subscribe for the latest information and updates at all times!


and Sign-out

With security and efficiency in mind, the following is the procedure for your child’s arrival and departure from camp.

When you arrive at camp with your child, counsellors will be waiting for you in the gymnasium under a banner where their name will appear. You must accompany your child to the gymnasium and leave them in the care of their assigned counsellor. If you do not remember the name of the counsellor, go to reception where a team will be in place to direct you and answer all your questions.


When you complete the online registration process, you will be asked to choose a password. Please know that you will need this password to pick up your child at the end of each the day. In the gymnasium, your children will be waiting with their counsellor under their banner. To leave with your child, you must (verbally) tell the password to the counsellor. If you intend on having anyone else pick up your child, it is your responsibility to inform them of the unique pick-up password for your child. In the event that a person forgets the password, they will be directed to the reception where a member of our team will verify their identity. Under no circumstances will a child be allowed to leave unless one of those two criteria is met.

Please note that you must sign-out your child before 6:00 pm. If a camper is not signed out as of 6:01 pm, a late fee of $15 will be charged to the account owner for every 10 minutes of lateness.


Early pick-ups

If you need to pick up your child before 4:00 pm, please let us know the day prior so that we can notify your child’s counsellor in advance. The counsellor will have your child ready at the office for the requested pick-up time. We do not allow early pick-ups without at least 1 day prior notice, as our coordinators are busy running the camp and it is often too time-consuming for them to search for groups.

Monday – Friday:

We do not allow early pickups between 3:30 – 4:00 pm as groups are in transition and it is time-consuming for staff to find your child’s group at this time as they are preparing for camper departures.


We do not allow early pickups after 12:30 pm on Fridays, as we are following our Friday celebration schedule and it is very time-consuming for staff to find your child’s group at this time.

Schedule Sign-In and Sign-Out
Extended hours Monday morning sign-in 7 am to 8:30 am
Monday morning general sign-in 8:30 am to 9 am
Extended hours Tuesday to Friday sign-in 7 am to 8:45 am
Tuesday to Friday morning general sign-in 8:45 am to 9 am
Monday to Friday afternoon general sign-out 4 pm to 4:15 pm
Monday to Friday afternoon extended hours sign-out 4:30 pm to 6 pm


Lunch and Snacks

Campers must bring lunches that do not need to be refrigerated nor microwaved. Please use an ice pack if your child’s food needs to remain cool. You can also provide a hot lunch in a thermos, but avoid glass containers. Remember to include two snacks and a water bottle.

Also, please note that for the safety of our campers with severe allergies, Supercamp is nut and peanut-free camp. We ask that campers do not bring lunches or snacks that contain nuts, peanuts or sesame.

Hot Lunch Service


The Supercamp offers a hot lunch service from week 1 to 4 and 7 to 8 during the summer. To order a lunch, you have until Thursday at noon, the week before.

It includes a beverage, an entrée, a main course, sides and a dessert!

For a look at the menu, click the following link:  Hot Lunch Menu.


IMPORTANT: If your child is registered to the Core + Outing program, the hot lunch service does not provide lunch on the day of the outing. Make sure to prepare lunch for your child on that day.