Safety and Supervision

Counsellor Training

Prior to the start of camp, Supercamp staff receives 50 hours of training to ensure they are thoroughly prepared for the upcoming summer. Its focus are mainly on supervision and safety training including behaviour intervention, animation and the prevention of injuries. Also, all staff must obtain their First Aid certification and counsellors will carry first aid kits at all times.

Camp counsellors must be at least 17 years old to work at Supercamp. Exceptions are counsellors assigned to extended supervision hours, who may choose to start working at age 16.


Supporting Staff

Supercamp is over 60 employees devoted to creating memories to last a life-time! With our well-trained, prepared and dynamic counsellors, we are committed to giving your child the very best!

Other essential staff on our Supercamp team include the camp director supported by a team of coordinators who are responsible for the supervision of all employees. These coordinators are in charge of health and safety, behaviour intervention, animation and pool management. Two are also assigned to the office management and answering all your questions.


Supervision and Ratios


In order to maintain safety and encourage team building within the groups, Supercamp follows the ratios imposed by the ACQ:

Age groups Ratio at camp Ratio at the pool
5 & 6 yrs 10 kids per camp counsellor 6 kids per camp counsellor
7 & 8 yrs 12 kids per camp counsellor 7 kids per camp counsellor
9 & 10 yrs 14 kids per camp counsellor 10 kids per camp counsellor
11 & 12 yrs 14 kids per camp counsellor 10 kids per camp counsellor
13 to 15 yrs 15 kids per camp counsellor 12 kids per camp counsellor