Leadership Programs – $199/ week:

Supercamp leadership


13-15 years old

The Leadership program includes three levels: L1, L2 and CIT – L3. Campers must be at least 13 years old to enroll in L1 and at least 14 years old to enroll in L2. Our CIT – L3 level (counsellor-in-training) is reserved for campers 15 years old or over. The Leadership program introduces concepts such as child development and psychology, as well as bullying prevention in a team spirit oriented environment.

Also, leaders will get to work directly with Supercamp’s experienced counsellors, and have the opportunity to animate activities in groups. Leadership also organizes and builds camp-wide projects.


Why take part in our Leadership program?

  • Experience working with children ages 5-12,
  • Daily team and skill-building sessions and mentoring,
  • First step towards being a camp counsellor,
  • Graduates can begin working at camp from the age of 16.

We are very proud of our Leadership program. It truly prepares the campers to take on more leadership and to become excellent role models. It is our contribution for a new generation of well-prepared counsellors!


Week one (June 25 – 28) will be only $159 as camp will be closed June 24th for Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day.



13 year olds and over

This level introduces the leaders to camp’s general procedures, animation techniques and also includes animation workshops. With at least four hours a week among the groups, L1s will learn about group dynamics led by an experienced counsellor. This program is perfect for participants to gain more confidence in their skills and in themselves.


14 year olds and older

This level deepens the notions seen in L1 with an added emphasis on child psychology, intervention techniques and the uniqueness of each child. With at least a whole day a week among the groups, L2s become comfortable co-animating and taking in charge of a group during a regular day or camp-wide activities. In addition, please note that this level is not mandatory. However, it is a great preparatory step towards the CIT- L3 level.


CIT – L3

15 year olds and older

Levels L1 and L2 are preparatory to our CIT training, but are not mandatory to complete CIT – L3.

CIT – L3 is composed of 4 segments: Theory 1 & 2 and Stage 1 & 2. Each segment must be completed in this order to graduate the program. These sessions can be done consecutively or can be broken up throughout the summer. Theory segments thoroughly explore the ideas and knowledge to ensure safe, efficient and fun animation. Stage 1 is a week of co-animation with an experienced counsellor. During Stage 2, leaders take complete charge of a group of children, supervised by our counsellors at all times. We highly recommend completion of the program in one summer.


Certifications of the CIT – L3 level:

  • Certification of Success for the counsellor-in-training program from the Quebec’s Camps Association,
  • Aptitude in Animation Duties Diploma from the Leisure Council of Quebec,Supercamp Vanier College ACQ certified certifié
  • First Aid certification.

*Spots are limited.


IMPORTANT: Please note that bringing money to camp is forbidden to all campers and leaders. Hence, make sure your child bring a cold lunch to camp every morning or register to our Lunch service.


To know more about some of the certifications, visit the following links : Association des camps du Québec : Counsellor-In-Training and Conseil des loisirs du Québec: Animation diploma.